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Re: Minnesota Multi Purpose Stadium

Posted: February 12th, 2014, 3:47 pm
by LakeCharles
So says you and many others. I disagree, as do many others. But we never got our referendum to decide whether most people agree with you or not. I find the scholarship outlining the utter lack of economic impact from a new stadium more convincing than the other side. But one thing that all scholarship agrees on is that stadium building does not give the greatest ROI of city/county/state funds. Early education is one example of something that gives a better return, and I would have preferred our 500 million to be spent on that (and I'm sure we could have found a private backer willing to match some of that investment as well). All of this is a moot point now, but I don't get why some people pretend that this was somehow a dire necessity and the only way to spend our tax dollars.

\end rant