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Index - Please Check Before Posting

Postby Nick » October 8th, 2013, 7:13 pm

Hey all,

I'm trying to get the Transportation subforum a little more organized at the moment, and I thought I'd put together a little index for the section. It's not exactly a Bible, but please check these topics out before posting. We have/had a lot of topics with just a couple of posts about things like specific exit ramps from specific highways, etc. Major regional projects like the St. Croix bridge or the Crosstown Commons can probably keep their own topics, but in the future please check through existing topics before starting a new one.


Transit Corridors
Blue Line (Hiawatha LRT)
Bottineau Corridor (Blue Line LRT Extension)
Green Line (Central Corridor LRT)
Southwest Corridor (Green Line LRT Extension)
Red Line (Cedar BRT)
Orange Line (35W BRT)

"A Line" (Snelling Avenue-Ford Parkway-46th Street aBRT)
"B Line" (West 7th Street aBRT)
"C Line" (Penn Ave N aBRT)

Metro Transit Arterial BRT / aBRT "Rapid Bus"
Midtown Corridor
Nicollet-Central Streetcar
St. Paul Streetcars
Minneapolis Streetcar Study

Northstar Commuter Rail
Red Rock Corridor
Gateway Corridor
Rush Line Corridor
Robert Street Corridor
Riverview Corridor

Target Field Station (The Interchange)
St. Paul Union Depot

Public Transit News and Happenings

Intercity Rail

HSR to Chicago
Northern Lights Express
Zip Rail to Rochester
Regional rail to Eau Claire
Dan Patch regional rail to Northfield - Owatonna - Albert Lea - Des Moines
Regional rail to Shakopee - Mankato - Worthington - Sioux City

Major Roads

Interstate 94
Interstate 35W
Intersate 35E
Interstate 494
Interstate 694
U.S. Highway 52
MN Highway 7
MN Highway 36
MN Highway 100
MN Highway 169

Miscellaneous Small Road Projects

Street, Road and Highway Projects


The Virginia Triangle (Hennepin & Lyndale Bottleneck)
Bicycle Infrastructure
Nice Ride Minnesota
Car Sharing
MSP Airport
St. Croix River Crossing
I-94/I-35W Commons
Crosstown Commons
Park and Portland Avenues

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