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Fantasy maps

Postby Anondson » May 6th, 2018, 12:14 pm

A couple additions for you: The 8th Ave Artery could be put in there, it open now.
There is a new bike trail on the north side of Excelsior between 5th and 9th.
There is a trail wrapping behind SuperValu along the south side of 5th St S from 2nd Ave to 11th Ave.
There is the stump of a trail on the south side of Excelsior from Monroe to Harrison.
Since it is a fantasy map, when SWLRT is complete then 17th will connect south of Excelsior to 5th St S in what is supposed to be a future cycle track.
In SLP, Texas Ave now has bike lanes and in the near future the lanes are intended to be extended south of TH 7 and connect to the Cedar Lake Trail.
When Cold Storage is vacated, a bike trail will run along the creek connecting Cedar Lake Trail to Cottageville Park.
After SWLRT finishes, a trail will run under the creek bridge and create a trail link to the new Minnehaha Greenway between Meadowbrook and Louisiana.


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Re: Fantasy maps

Postby Korh » May 6th, 2018, 12:52 pm

I knew abut about the Artery, just accidentally put it on 6th (so the Bike Boulevard/on street cycle lanes I have on 6th would've been on 8th as well)
Forgot about the trail between 5th and 9th, if I make an updated version might extended it to either central park or shady oak road (tempted to extend it east to be able to get to the ceder lake trail without having to cross Excelsior as well)
Didn't know about the trail from Monroe to Harrison, don't really know what to do with that one. Maybe connect it to the trail 2nd Ave to 11th Ave

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Re: Fantasy maps

Postby mattaudio » May 10th, 2018, 11:01 am

Putting this in Fantasy Maps for the sake of MNdible...

Many of us have thought about the idea of a future subway under the most dense parts of Nicollet (and across the river and up Central in Northeast). This morning, as I drove down I-35W and noticed all the earthworks for the southside freeway reconstruction project, I was thinking...

What if the project was also building a grade-separated transitway between 29th/Lake and downtown? Granted this wouldn't serve the middle/northern reaches of Eat Street as well, but it could tie in with the Greenway to provide quality downtown service to some dense and/or RCAP areas on the Southside. For example, you could have two services south from Downtown along this corridor, with one turning west into the Greenway trench over to West Lake, and another turning east into the Greenway trench over to Lake Street-Midtown station.

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Re: Fantasy maps

Postby Korh » May 13th, 2018, 3:52 pm

alright made an improved version of my fantasy biking map of the Hopkins area.
Dark green represents new or recently added trails/separated cycle track
Light green represents new Bike Boulevard/on street cycle lanes
Areas highlighted in yellow represent new grade separated crossings
Brown is Limestone trails
Some Notes:
Decided to extend the existing little cycle track on the north side of Excelsior to East Shady Oak Rd. and east to meet up with the ceder lake trails (though that might be a bit excessive) rather than putting a new one on the south side due to the existence of the River Bluffs trail, and iirc there is some form of planned development on the side that I'm not to familiar with aside from a few road extensions (hence the cycle lane on 17th south of excelsior) so I purposely left it vague.

New/Improved cycle track on Shady Oak Rd., made a small error where it was supposed to be on the east side north of Excelsior and on the west south up till the beach entrance, might be willing to extend it booth north and south. But till then, I have it view off and go east of the small pond and connect with the Minnetonka trail just before the Highway 7 bridge.

Minnetonka Mills Rd. is now a full cycle track, there is already a little stub of a trail between where the ceder lake crosses and Washington Ave. Plus the route would pass by 3 major elementary schools so I figure added safety would be necessary assuming kids that young bike to school (to bad there's no high school anymore that could of been on the route as well).

Extended the planned Minnehaha Greenway trail between Meadowbrook and Louisiana to Cottageville Park following the creek.

Minnetonka Blvd. now has a new/improved cycle track on the south side running from where it meets the ceder lake trail in Aquila to where the planned trail to Ridgedale Center is supposed to go on Plymouth Rd.

The small stub on 6th ends on Mainstreet because of a personal preference that mainstreet would be better suited for walking and the existence of a somewhat abandoned small half size parking lot I had an idea that it could be converted to a small sheltered/semi enclosed bike parking area so you can explore downtown Hopkins, and don't have to end up locking your bike to a lamppost or tree, though this idea might be better suited nearer to the downtown station and/or on the 8th Ave Artery.

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Re: Fantasy maps

Postby Anondson » May 14th, 2018, 10:51 am

Getting there!

There is the bike trail on the former street car route, along 3rd St S/2nd St SE behind SuperValu out to Blake Rd. (I’m the volunteer that picks garbage for it.) ;)

The city’s pedestrian and bike plan has a proposed bike boulevard from Blake Rd to Meadowbrook on Goodrich.

When Japs Olson built their expansion and new watershed-assisted parking lot, Japs Olson donated land to expand the Minnehaha Greenway to link the trail to Excelsior. I’d love to see the proposed Goodrich bike boulevard link to the Minnehaha Greenway trailhead on Excelsior Blvd.

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Re: Fantasy maps

Postby DanPatchToget » May 29th, 2018, 8:36 am

I'll just put my fantasy photos here instead of making a new thread. Most of these are on the Dan Patch Line except one on Union Pacific's Montgomery Subdivision in the southwest metro.

ImageNew Dan Patch Bridge by Eric Ecklund, on Flickr

New vertical lift bridge replacing the original swing bridge over the Minnesota River.

ImageEMU at ProBuild Spur by Eric Ecklund, on Flickr

Double-deck EMU heading southbound in Lakeville. Next station stop is Downtown Lakeville.

ImageEMU at Orchard Gardens by Eric Ecklund, on Flickr

Rounding the curve at Orchard Gardens in Burnsville. This one was made by my friend. Someday I should add in the siding that was originally there.

ImageDan Patch Boardwalk by Eric Ecklund, on Flickr

A new option for bikers and walkers to get north-south in West Bloomington. Currently the only options without going too far out of the way are Normandale Blvd, a winding trail through Hyland Park, or illegally walking on the tracks (I cannot confirm nor deny I've chosen the latter option a few times).

ImageEMU in North Burnsville by Eric Ecklund, on Flickr

In the original picture you wouldn't even see the tracks. CP has really let go of this line between Savage and Lakeville.

ImageWalker Street Crossing by Eric Ecklund, on Flickr

Coming through St. Louis Park at a steady 25 miles per hour.

ImageEMU at Kenwood Trail by Eric Ecklund, on Flickr

Just north of Downtown Lakeville. Trying to Photoshop in overhead wires is very difficult, at least for me.

ImagePGR and DMU at Nesbitt by Eric Ecklund, on Flickr

A British style DMU overtaking a local freight train in southern Bloomington.

ImageWayzata Subdivision Western Gateway by Eric Ecklund, on Flickr

A lot of added capacity on the Wayzata Subdivision for regional trains to/from the west and south metro.

ImageDan Patch Line on Christmas Eve by Eric Ecklund, on Flickr

Rolling through Edina on Christmas Eve.

ImageRegional Rail on the M&StL by Eric Ecklund, on Flickr

On the Union Pacific Montgomery Subdivision in Jordan.

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