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Re: Rochester

Postby go4guy » October 15th, 2019, 8:02 pm

So I take it everyone on here agrees that Target should be funding the light rail connecting downtown to Maple Grove, since it benefits their employees?

To blame Mayo is laughable. They actually do provide a lot of parking for their employees, and of course they aren't going to charge, it is part of their perk. You cannot expect doctors to be taking public transportation when on call. And parking is a big perk for employees, whether you think cars are the devil or not. Public transportation is the responsibility of the city/county/state and not the employers downtown. Yet, Mayo is by far the biggest advocate and provides the most resources to get it done.

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Re: Rochester

Postby matthew5080 » October 16th, 2019, 1:19 pm

Parking could be a problem for the next Discovery Square buildings. ... -build-out

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Re: Rochester

Postby tornado97 » October 17th, 2019, 2:50 pm

Longtime reader here but first time posting!

As a nearly life-long Rochester resident with a passion for watching the city grow, I have plenty of thoughts on a lot of what's happening right now. I'll stay on topic with the Kmart lot...

I was a bit disappointed with the decision for the property to become a parking lot, but not fully opposed. I do feel that in the near future, it will end up getting redeveloped. I personally would like to see more parking ramps built around the city as the can provide far more parking in a far smaller area, and can be incorporated into other projects (I know I'm probably in the minority on this site, but I am pro-parking and pro-car, and around Rochester, that's a very common attitude). The Kmart lot has extremely good potential. It was pointed out here that redevelopment here may not take off due to it's industrial location. With the affordable housing crunch in Rochester, the lower-desirability of the land may make it more suited for affordable housing compared to other locations this close to downtown. My hope for the land when I heard Kmart was closing (and for years now, since I have no idea how that Kmart stayed open as long as it did but knew the closure was inevitable) has been a mix of housing (probably the 5-8 story type buildings that seem to be popping up around the outside of downtown), a parking ramp (doesn't have to be the ugly concrete rectangles we know all too well), as well as some mix of retail/commercial spots on the ground level. I know is pretty similar to the "transit village" they have planned for Graham Park, but why not have a similar development bordering the downtown?

Also, that railroad spur is hardly ever used and runs right from downtown to past Graham Park. I personally would rather see the city make some use of those tracks over BRT removing lanes on Broadway.

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