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David Greene
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Unique Twin Cities Sites

Postby David Greene » May 2nd, 2014, 1:01 pm

I love exploring our cities. I have some favorite spots that are out-of-the-way and maybe not as well-known to the general public. I'm sure others have their own. I would like to explore some new places, so I'm starting this thread to get some ideas. Please post some of your favorite areas to stroll around and enjoy and what's unique about them.

Some of my favorites (which may be well-known but I still like 'em):

Northern Wedge (north of 24th St.) with its stately Queen Annes

Old Highland (between Plymouth, W. Broadway, Aldrich and Girard) with the same

Homewood (just south of Plymouth Ave. along Minneapolis' western border) with its large and unique houses

The old Como-Harriet ROW north of 36th St., starting at the alley between James and Irving south of 31st St. and continuing onto the footpath south of 34th St. I don't know if the old ROW extended through the alley that far north but I like to walk down alleys. :) There is what looks to be remnants of at least one old stop on the footpath.

The same ROW from behind Creative Kidstuff in Linden Hills (the alley where people park) and heading west to France Ave.

The river bank below Father Hennepin park in Southeast. There are old tunnels from the A mill.

Water Power Park with its great interpretive signage

Lilac Park in SLP

The abandoned falls in Minnehaha Park

Pilot Knob with great views of the airport and river valley

Crosby Farm's heavily forested walking paths

Pike Island

Nicollet Mall
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Re: Unique Twin Cities Sites

Postby tabletop » May 3rd, 2014, 6:15 am

There is this place a friend showed me late at night, right by Moose and Sadie and by Interact. It's an old gallery/studio that's best viewed after hours. You walk down a little alley walkway next to N 2nd st and you come across a store front with strange things in the window, push all the different buttons next to the doorway and interesting things happen inside. It's worth a late night stroll if your in the area and reminiscent to the strange and wonderful glory days of the Minneapolis art scene in the north loop.

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