The Next Trendy Neighborhood of the Twin Cities

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The Next Trendy Neighborhood of the Twin Cities

Postby Anondson » March 24th, 2020, 4:48 pm ... 569062922/

Though the Star Tribune frames this as “the next North Loop”, they consider these five.

Mill District
West Seventh
Glenwood Ave

I’d say Mill District is already reaching North Loop ranking. Just a few more retail...

Glenwood Ave is a weird one, not that I don’t see potential there because I do, but it seems a cobbling of a few neighborhoods and not just one.

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Re: The Next Trendy Neighborhood of the Twin Cities

Postby Didier » March 24th, 2020, 10:25 pm

I had to look up where Glenwood Avenue is.

Of these I actually think West Seventh has a ton of potential. There's already a lot there, and the location by the Xcel Energy Center already feels like a "destination." What this area really needs now is just a lot more people.

Midway is an interesting case. There's always been a there there, with a good amount of smaller and independent retail in addition to all of the big boxes. With the green line and the stadium there is some potential for a pretty big transformation, especially around University and Snelling. The interesting part is going to be figuring out what Midway is going to be. Generally, Midway is kind of a weird place. A little rougher. But it's also got a ton of potential, starting with the nearby housing stock and then all of the empty space by Allianz Field. So how will new construction fit in? Seems like a lot of the people there now won't be there in 10 years if the stadium is surrounded by market-rate housing or offices. Maybe that's kind of OK, though?

The transformation of Towerside already has been pretty amazing. It was only a few years ago that SE 4th Street was basically a dirt road (not literally) and a sketchy looking auto repair shop. There were always like 50 cars parked across the street, and you just had a sense that 30 of them were stolen. Now the stretch from 29th to Malcolm is fully developed with a grocery store and some buildings that even go higher than four stories. It'll be interesting to see what this area becomes. My guess is it becomes kind of a "safe" urban neighborhood. There's too much new construction for it to ever become all that interesting, but if you want to live in a newer apartment with stuff nearby, and be closer to things than, say, St. Louis Park, here's your spot.

And the Mill District at this point is pretty much developed, no? So it kind of is what it is. Although if done right, the water works project could be a game changer.

IMO the real answer to this question is probably in northeast. If the area just across the river is considered already established, there's still a ton of potential up central and up the river.

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Re: The Next Trendy Neighborhood of the Twin Cities

Postby alexschief » March 25th, 2020, 9:09 am

It's a bit of an odd piece, since each of those five neighborhoods are completely different and none are exactly a good comparison to the North Loop. But maybe it makes more sense if we assume that the Strib Magazine subscriber base is pretty unaware of urban neighborhoods in the Twin Cities besides Uptown and Downtown.

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