Looking for an "engineering expert" recommendation

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Looking for an "engineering expert" recommendation

Postby Didier » February 6th, 2017, 12:34 pm

Forum Friends:

I'm working on a project for work about the engineering behind skyscrapers, and it's basically a 1,500-word manuscript explaining the most basic concepts for an elementary age student. Part of the process includes hiring a content consultant, and I'm wondering if anybody here has a recommendation?

The expert is typically a university professor, although it can vary. The key is that the person has some sort of official credential. This person would do a high-level review of the manuscript, and in turn I can pay a small stipend and credit on the book.

Do you know someone? Or even just a name of a professor at the U who works on this kind of stuff? Any recommendations are appreciated, and you can contact me via PM.

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