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Re: MPS Headquarters - (1250 West Broadway)

Postby sdbroom » January 16th, 2013, 10:13 pm

min-chi-cbus wrote:So your point is....................what? You don't have a position in this argument, aside from that I am wrong, and yet you can't prove it. Besides, it's conjecture. I'd love to know what the actual statistics are but I can't seem to find them. Perhaps you can spend your time and energy doing that?

Oh, and sorry, I meant 52.77777777777777777777777777778%. That would be the increase from 275 over 180. I don't know where I got 50% from. There I go being wreckless again!!
These might be the statistics you are looking for: ... l?Id=31946 ... l?Id=31959 ... l?Id=31973

You say in a post,
min-chi-cbus wrote:We know this much: the black/African American population of the Twin Cities rose from about 180K in 2000 to 275K in 2010, and less than half of that was from immigration from Africa.
So you're not dealing with a doubling of the African American population-- by your own admission there is a substantial African immigration involved. Minnesota has something along the lines of 35K Somalis in the state (A number from the last census, and one that i think is undercounted by about 10-20%) Further, both the African American and the immigrant communities in Minnesota are both significantly younger and significantly more fertile than the white population-- the average Somali woman in the Twin Cities has 3 kids, the average white woman in the Twin Cities has 2 kids.

There is, invariably, some immigration of African Americans from other cities around the country to the Twin Cities. I think it is overstated for a variety of reasons. The Twin Cities have not been a particularly welcoming place for African Americans, we have the widest education gap in the country and the widest employment gap in the country.

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Re: MPS Headquarters - (1250 West Broadway)

Postby min-chi-cbus » January 16th, 2013, 10:47 pm

Who said "double"? Not I....I said 50%, then corrected that to be 52.77777% because you said I "fail at math". But that was assuming the 2000 Census count was 180K, which came from my memory (I didn't look it up), even though the actual count was 170K according to your link. By the way, the links don't show anything except racial breakdown, not where people came from or how the population grew. I'm STILL interested in learning how the black population in the state grew by 50%, and I'm sorry, but African immigrant women having 3 children to every 2 of (name that race/ethnicity) isn't going to account for that number when that population is 35K (documented, not anecdotal) and we assume that not each and every woman comprising 17.5K (assumes 50% of the Somali population are women) had babies from 2000 to 2010 (or three, for that matter).

Everything I've heard, seen, and experienced first-hand tells me the bigger driver of the growth of the black population in the state comes from the Midwest, not the Horn of Africa. I'm not sure why this offends so many people except there are some right-wing extremists out there who like to blame society's ills on those "outsiders who take handouts from Chicago", or whatever. A (calculated) observation isn't racist, and even if it was, that doesn't make it untrue.

And from the accounts I have heard through Church, people I've met in Minneapolis, Chicago, Cleveland, etc. the black population moving to the Twin Cities are doing so because they seek a better place to live. Period. The reason there is such a strong income gap between blacks and whites in the state is because the population that arrives here come from dire circumstances, by and large. It has less to do with the state being an "unwelcoming place for blacks" and more to do with the socioeconomics of the black population that has arrived in the state. Considering there was a relatively small middle class/established African American population in the region until recently, this makes a lot of sense to me personally.

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